These are minor characters


Aaron is Alex's brother. He meets Rolanda at his door and she falls for him.Aaron tries to protect Alex from her. 

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Will lives with Roi. He is sometimes featured in Wassabi Productions, Wassabi Vlogs, Roi Wassabi (channel), and possibly Alex Wassabi (channel). He also have his own channel named yellowpaco. He is from Hawaii.


Kyle is seen in some videos of Roi Wassabi. Some videos are Taxi driver goes 100 mph, Best Foot Massage in the world! (formesrly named Sensual Foot Massage.)

Roi Wassabi channel Minor CharactersEdit

These are people who are featured only on some Roi Wassabi channel's video.


Roi's girlfriend who lives in Gainesville, Florida, which is very far away from Roi's current city, Los Angeles, California. But in the coat where Roi's old city, Durham, North Carolina.


Roi's brother who is about 3 years younger than him who still lives in Durham, North Carolina. Earlier of 2015 he had black hair, however in September 2015, his hair was dyed to about blonde hair.


Roi's brother who is younger than him and Reymound. He also lived with Reymound. He has a own channel named Russell with two l's in youtube.


Roi's sister who is the youngest out of all siblings. She was born on 2001 according to Draw my life Roi Wassabi. She lives with Reymound and Russell.