Roi Fabian, otherwise known as Roi Wassabi (born in August 21,1991) is a 26 year old YouTuber who is from the Philippines , who was mainly discovered because of the YouTube channel, Wassabi Productions.

He graduated with a degree in film studies, making him create his very first content on YouTube in July of 2006 and was working with his brother Alex on their channel.

After ten years of being on the channel Wassabi Productions roi decided it was time to ditch his lil bro and move on because all he really ever cared about was views so he quit WASSABI PRODUCTIONS to make a better channel so he would not haft to share the spotlight with his brother Alex WASSABI called Gauva Juice but still sometimes appears on wassabi probally because it has more subs than him ( all info is true and provided by a source )

*This entry probably written by a 9 year old due to the sheer amount of grammatical and spelling errors present. I would question the validity of this post based upon that. I am not correcting the errors so they can be seen as an example of what not to do and why education is important.*